Oregon's first "Mid-Century Modern Historic District" is called Oak Hills, located west of the city of Portland. This Oak Hills garden needed a makeover for aesthetic and usability reasons, and the homeowners asked me to help them with their project. 

The front yard had three overgrown rhododendrons blocking the living room window, and a narrow strip of concrete hugged the garage leading to the front door. I designed a new entry patio with bench that opened up the space. A new dry-stacked rock wall also creates interest and manages the grade change.

In the side yard, there was a long drop off from the sliding door to a pea gravel surface that was hard to walk on. We added a colored concrete step down to a new level patio made of architectural slab pavers. It's now easy to get to the barbecue from the dining room. The homeowners say that this is their favorite part of their new makeover!

The back yard was also covered in slippery pea gravel and lacked interest, especially in the winter. The homeowners love birds and wanted a small water feature that would be attractive to them. I designed a small pondless waterfall that would attract the birds and not be hazardous to the grandchildren. Well-placed lighting also enhances the view of the waterfall at night from inside the house.