1.)  Initial Meeting: This is an opportunity for me to see your existing landscape and to discuss your needs and interests for your garden. We will walk the site, and I can get an understanding of your aesthetic and your preferences and discuss ideas. 

This initial visit is also a time to discuss budget and possibly phasing in a landscape installation. This will help to insure that we don't create a plan that is unattainable for you to implement. A general rule of thumb for installation budgets is 10% of the value of the home when landscaping the entire property.

2.)  I will give you a Proposal for your landscape design, including a Design Intent Statement and a breakdown of my design fees and payment schedule.

3.)  Site Plan Development: Once you've accepted my design proposal, I will develop a scaled site plan showing existing site features and conditions. Homeowner helps with Client Questionnaire.

3.)  Concept Plan Development: Concept plans are created for you. These are scaled, colored plans that will give you a chance to see my initial ideas in the way of planning spaces, hardscaping suggestions, and plantings for your property.

4.)  Final Plan Development: Once the concept plans are approved, I will create your set of final plans, including a hardscape layout and planting plan. Additional documents such as perspective sketches, plant lists, or maintenance notes will be provided as necessary (SEE EXAMPLES HERE).

Front Yard perspective sketch

Having your landscape design installed:

Once your plans are finished, you may wish to hire a licensed and bonded landscape contracting company for the installation. I can recommend local companies that I've worked with and that I know will maintain the integrity of my design. You would contract with them separately for their services.

For best results, almost 100% of my clients have me stay involved during the construction of their new landscaping so that I may consult as needed with the contractors on installation details. This is helpful to the installer as well, since translating a design into reality on the ground can be a complicated process! For this assistance, I charge a fee that is in addition to the original design fee.

After the installation:

Maintenance of your new hardscaping and plantings is crucial to your ongoing enjoyment of your new garden. I can help you with finding a good maintenance company, or with giving you coaching on the best way to take care of your new plants and structures into the future. 

Follow up visits: It can be helpful to have me come back to your property a few times in the first years after installation to assess your plants' growth and discuss any questions that might have arisen. As gardens evolve naturally over time, you may want to tap into my expertise about how your garden is faring and whether any special care or updating is needed.

Garden furnishings: I can help you locate some of the "extras" that help make your garden special to you, such as decorative containers, garden furniture, outdoor art, or other features.